Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lopez Ferry Landing Eagle

Everyone who lives in the NW HAS to have taken at least one good bald eagle photo, right?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A poem that a friend wrote for me

made a friend recently
it is a most tenuous friendship
he can be taken at any moment
being very sick but ...

his grace, his poise, his humor
infect me with life, with
the power of spirit
indomitable, overcoming

even in weakness
especially in weakness
I find such strength
in his, in my ~ frailty

the pain in my life
has been such a grand companion
learned so much in the rain
that the sun seems almost dim

nothing sticks anymore
it washes away but ...
that makes it all the more precious
all the more fine ...

we talk of love, of suffering
of illness and death
we laugh at these subjects
most morbidly, most entertainingly

we walk the razor's edge
with sureness of step
calmness of mind ~ (well, sometimes)
terrified and unafraid

is anything ever wrong?
my friend asks ...
well yes, of course
but then again, no ...

Charlie Gee 7/10/10