Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010


After a few days of recovery post dental work, I sorta checked in to see if I had the energy (and permission, if you will) to drive the 50 mile round trip to Needles for supplies. I got the ok, drove to Needles and felt permission to drive on toward Sedona where I had planned to visit friends. I thought I'd just go to Kingman the first day, about 80 miles or so. I filled up with gas in Kingman and 'decided' I could try for Seligman or Ashfork. Made it to Ashfork and arrived in Sedona the next day. I spent 23 days in Sedona, really enjoyed being with my friends, met a number of other really great people, did some research on a particular type of mushroom to add to my regimen and bought a $150 bottle of tincture.
I left Sedona to pick up P in Las Vegas on January 11th and made it in one drive of about 4.5 hours.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I arrived in the desert in early December. Found a 177k wilderness area near Needles where I could park for free and was mostly alone there for two weeks. As soon as I got there I put out food and water for the birds and instead was visited first by antelope chipmunks, then birds, then apparently a kit fox. There were also desert ravens that would stop by. I used the time to work on jazzy, do inquiry and meditate.

After ten days or so I developed an infection in my mouth. Tried to take care of it with more extreme dental care and goldenseal, but woke up on a Tuesday with face swollen and in extreme pain. I looked up a dental clinic in Fort Mohave, near Needles and started driving the 35 miles. I called them, they got me in and suggested a week of antibiotics to get the swelling down. I drove to the drug store, took double the dose of antibiotics before leaving the store, drove the bus a couple of blocks to an empty parking lot near the hospital emergency room in case it didn't work, took a valium and a dilaudid. An hour later the dilaudid hadn't worked so I took a second one and an hour and a half later, a third. Amazing pain. It finally broke about 9 pm and I was able to sleep.

The next morning drove back to my wilderness area. Went in the next Monday to have it pulled and then back to Turtle Mtn for a few days of recovery.