Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yeah, now don't freak out. We signed up for legal reasons and for pain mgmnt. Legally, Pamela is in the clear if I'm listed and something happens to me and they have WAY better ways of dealing with pain, basically fentanyl patches that are time release so I'm not constantly trying to manage the place in between dingyness and being in pain. I'm AMAZED at how much of my energy that was taking, just holding the pain and then being too messed up to be able to do anything. I'm very happy and feeling SO much better and so much more able to participate. Of course there was some emotional fall out, having to ask for help, receiving, etc and then the little packages in the mail with all the 'what to do ifs' and weird bottles of pills and stuff, but we're over that and having fun again. Love to all.


  1. Hospice gives you the freedom to enjoy. And if they can handle the pain management for you, that's even better. Just another step in our lives. Wishing you and Pamela lots of fun times and love.

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